Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time slips away...

Bad mama.

10 December marked our sixth anniversary of meeting Lilliput for the first time in China. Bad mama. Time flies! In my defense, we've all had a virus. Mr. Trixie and Lilliput only lasted a few days...but mama? I'm going on TWO weeks.

Happy GOTCHA Day Lilliput!

Our flight over wasn't too bad. However, we were late leaving LA thus our layover Guangzhou was depleted. Fortunately, we made the connection and arrived at The Dolton in Changsha, Hunan with only 45 minutes to spare. I managed to hop in the shower to freshen up and we made it down to the conference room with time to spare. The room was hot and packed with other families. When we heard those babies screeching when the elevator doors opened, it was so difficult to stay seated and wait. We had waited 14 months and Lilliput was within earshot.

We were the 5th family called and we proceeded to the front of the room. Lilliput was as calm as can be. She was 6 1/2 months old (the youngest of our group) and was just taking in the surroundings. When they handed her to me...she just looked at me. I had brought just one item (a small brightly colored elephant that "rattled") and showed it to her. She would glance at it, then at me. We had to clear the front of the room for the remaining families so we took our seats again. I just wanted to look at her, make eye contact, and let her daddy hold her. However, Lilliput promptly stuck two fingers in her mouth and laid her head on my shoulder. She was my baby. I could not have possibly loved another human being so much.

After sitting in the hot room for another 45 minutes, we were excused to our room. We promptly took her out of her warm clothes to let her cool off. At this point, she had made no noises. When we laid her down to put a diaper on, she wailed! Everything was so surreal. We had plans to meet up with another couple downstairs for we dressed her, put her in a snuggly and headed down. Dinner was very short as nothing on the menu was recognizable. We paid for our D*et Cokes and went back to the room.

Lilliput could not sit up or roll over on her own. We had so much fun with her despite the fact that she was pretty much shut down. The ride from her Orphanage had taken six hours. We fed her and changed her into her PJ's and put her to bed.

The next morning...totally different baby. Happy. Smiling. Cooing. Chanting "mamamama" which Mr. Trixie took offense at. We were in love!

While we were prepared (and educated) for some issues we might encounter, Lilliput was nothing but perfect! By the time we left Changsha, she was both sitting up unassisted AND rolling over.

People often talk about no adoption story is all rainbows and unicorns...but ours couldn't be more perfect. Lilliput was such an easy, happy baby and is an easy, happy little girl. Dreams do come true. God knew that I needed an easy baby and he sure delivered!

Later today, I'll post some pictures of our referral and some from our China trip.

Lilliput, you are an amazing little girl. I am so proud to be your mama. I wish I could take credit for how you turned out, but the fact is God made you and delivered you to us. We love you so much!!

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Kay Bratt said...

Lilliput is truly beautiful. Happy Gotcha anniversary!