Friday, October 31, 2008

Austin bound...

Looking forward to some awesome mexican food and visiting family and friends!

Email me and we'll make plans!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Alive and kickin'

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post.

Surgery went well and I came home 4 days after. I had a huge amount of motivation to keep moving in order to not have a recurrance of the DVT and 12 Pulmonary Embolisms I had after my surgery last October. That resulted in a 12-day hospital stay and my parents flying up from Texas to help with Lilliput and giving the hubs some support.

Unfortunately, approximately 3 weeks after surgery, my open incision got infected as it was closing and this resulted in a re-opening of the site. I've had wound care nurses coming in twice a day. Just yesterday I became the reluctant recipient of a Wound Vac. The machine is much larger that I anticipated and I will be "attached" 24/7 for several weeks.

Lilliput is doing great in 1st grade. She is reading like there is no tomorrow and has amazed us with her math abilities. We have always thought she was very smart and now, I feel so bad when she tells us she school is "boring." They will do assessement testing and IQ testing during the spring semester so we are looking forward to seeing how she scores. I have no doubt she will score high enough to be in the school's gifted program.

As a result of my medical issues, I have been relieved from my job. I am livid to say the least. However, I have chosen to embrace this time. I get to take Lilliput to school each day and pick her up resulting in being able to spend more time with her. In addition, I am using this time to heal and not feeling the guilt of not being at the office. The person that was responsible for me being let go was doing this behind my back. All along, he was telling me to take my time. People reap what they sow and I have no doubt he will get what's coming to him. I will probably not know when it happens, but that's okay.

That's it for now. I plan to use this time to de-clutter the house and donate things to G**dwill. There will be no garage sale as I'm afraid the weather won't allow it. It's already cold here! I also plan to photograph all my "finds" that I will be selling on Et*y and E*ay so check back often!