Friday, November 14, 2008

Yet another pity party...

One of my rules for my blog is that I stay positive and focused on all that is good in my life. I'll complain and bitch elsewhere about how life seems unfair and how unexpected events really thrust me into a complete tailspin.

However, (isn't there always a however?) I'm offering up this explanation as to where I will be in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, I saw the plastic/wound care surgeon. He took measurements and pictures of my lovely wound. He compared it to the same from the last month. It's a rather stubborn wound and seems to like hanging out and the required nursing care visits. Blah.

He completely stunned me with the pronouncement that he would be operating. "Would Monday work for you?" Whoa. What just happened here? Really? I'm no doctor although I like to pretend I am, but the solution to this nonhealing would is to open it up again? Really? The potential length of the incision could approach 6-8 inches. He will completely close the wound this time after cleaning it up and roughing up the fascia (or perhaps replacing my abdominal muscle with better abdominal muscle.) Really? I opted for this procedure instead of leaving it open and having to cart around that damn wound vac again and yet MORE nurses tromping through my messy house and keeping me from napping.

Let's just hope I made the right decision...instead of the convienent one. I won't be driving for a few weeks and will miss my daily stops after I drop Lilliput at school. Those ladies at G**dwill, S*lvation A**y, and St. V*ncent DePau* will think I died or something. Perhaps I'll pay them one last visit today and ask them to hold all the good junque for me!

Oh! I picked up some stunning mens wool sweaters with the intention to felt them...but I just may love them too much to turn them into some crafty goodness. I'll try them on today to make a final decision. I'll post pics (if I can learn how to download from my camera...D is the nerd, not me) and perhaps I'll set up a vote.

Anyhow, talk amoungst yourselves. I'll have the laptop in my bed with me (Thank you in advance D for having the foresight to set up a wireless system whereby I can search the web AND print all from the comfort of my bed!)

OH! How I wish I were worthy enough (and rich enough) to attend Silver Bella. I am in awe of these ladies (and those fortunate souls attending) and their creations. I would really like to be there...if nothing else but to shop!

Be back soon...

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