Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Studio plans

Okay, to call it a "studio" brings to mind some grand space filled with tons of cool things. I suppose images of what a "studio" is different to everyone.

My "studio" will have to serve dual purposes. First and foremost, it will be a place for Lilliput and I to spend time together sans television or portable dvd players (unless L is in bed, then you might see a tv in use from time to time.) I have been creating art in my head for years and have much to my husbands chagrin, have been spending the last several months collecting materials I need. I've tried to use every coupon for the local craft stores to buy supplies for half price. I've visited the local flea market way too many times to count and have accumulated some of the coolest junk I've ever seen.

Second, the "studio" will serve as grand central station as far as managing our busy lives. Anyone who has had a child in the public school system knows that on any given day, their child will bring home a backpack with about 3 gazillion pounds of paper announcing this fundraiser, or that new reading contest. It's absolutely MADDENING! I've suggested that they use their website to distribute this information to no avail. Okay, then give me the option to view the information on the website or allow my child to sustain a back injury hauling home the tree you cut down.

So, we will use one wall that will host a fancy-schmancy cork/white magnetic board so we can effectively manage our lives! Daddy and PapPap are in charge of designing and building this HUGE fancy-schmancy organizational unit (HFSOU). I plan on finding the perfect table or bookcase to place underneath the HFSOU to manage the massive amount of mail that comes in. Maybe then we won't get late notices and allow checks to remain uncashed for months at a time.

We need help people! If you have any other organizational tips or must-try's...please send them my way! We need pictures please. I'll post links here and you will get all the credit.

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