Saturday, July 26, 2008

So where is all this vintage goodness?

Well, and here come the excuses.

Even though I was off work the past two days, I filled them by spending time with Lilliput and running errands that I don't have time to do during the week.

I have pictures, that is if my lame photographic knowledge and talent has them looking good enough to post here and in my Etsy shop. Problem is, I don't know how to download them to get a good look and haven't remembered to have David download them for me.

I'll get to it if not today, tomorrow.

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Susan said...

Hi Trixie!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've just spent time reading yours and must say that my heart breaks for you and your family at having to pull the paperwork for a second adoption. Your daughter Lilliput is absolutely beautiful and I'm glad that you've created a studio in which to spend non-television/creative time with her.

When asked where I'm from, I generally say Columbus, Ohio because I was born there, returned to college there, got married there and spent the first five years of life with Steve there. My parents, however, think this is strange because they live in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. They think that ought to be my "home town". My three younger sisters all consider it "home" or at least their "home town".

Basically, my Dad finished his PhD at Ohio State when I was in the second grade. He accepted a position at Slippery Rock College, now University. We moved. I was eight. I left ten years later and never moved back, even for summers. I had a job in Columbus. I met Steve the second week at Ohio State. I would have married him then....but....well, as a society we just don't encourage eighteen year-olds to get married! We waited until I graduated.

As a result, Columbus is my "home town"...but I don't return there much. It is where I'm "from". My family lives in Slippery Rock. I go there often. My mother was once mayor for about eight years. I have two younger sisters living there. The youngest, Sonya, now runs Lenz Travel Services and the Orbit Airport Shuttle, businesses started by my parents. Mom and Dad built a fantastic log home just outside of town on property that they owned for decades. They have a ten acre lake all to themselves. My sister Wanda, who is also an embroiderer and has a blog, lives in Munich, Germany now. She and her high school sweetheart recently got married at my parent's house. (It was Wanda's third weddding and Reinhard's 50 years of age! He'd sort of waited for her.)

I do miss the beautiful Midwest falls but not the snow. We've considered moving but never to Slippery Rock. High School wasn't my favorite time of life at all! I think the most valuable thing that happened there was learning to type over 100 words a minute! It has come in handy!